How can we manage thin client from a single point?2020-04-26T17:24:26+05:30

Yes. The in-built Thin Client Management software allows the units to be managed from a single point.

Can we provide security on thin client in widows desktop base O.S ?2020-04-26T17:25:28+05:30

Security settings can be incorporated on the Thin Client base OS as per the company’s requirements.

Types of Operating System support available on thin client?2020-04-26T17:26:14+05:30

Smart Station Thin Client is platform independent. Hence it can connect to any operating system.

Which types of printer installed on thin clients?2020-04-26T17:28:32+05:30

Almost all Printer models are compatible with Smart Station Thin Client and Network printer can be connected. Specific Smart Station Thin Client models support connecting to a local printer as well.

How does Thin Client Solution Save Money?2020-04-26T17:30:01+05:30

Smart Station Thin Client saves energy consuming about one tenth of electricity of a standard PC. This saves electricity, cost and environment. Further savings on maintenance and administration work as the entire Thin Client infrastructure is maintained from a single point.

Is Thin Client Technology a good fit for emerging economies?2020-04-26T17:30:58+05:30

Yes. Thin Client Technology is perfect for emerging economies. TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is low when compared to a normal desktop infrastructure.

Can use Printer on Smart Station? Can we share printer on Thin Client?2020-04-26T17:32:21+05:30

Smart Station Thin Client allows Network printer connection. Sharing printer increases the efficiency and reduces cost.

What if thin client servers get failure?2020-04-26T17:38:19+05:30

In case of Server failure, Smart station Thin clients connected to one host through the LAN are automatically transferred to another server in the LAN. From our experience possibility of server failure is very less. Proper maintenance as per our technical team’s guidelines (for example – UPS power back up to Thin Client Server, Licensed Anti-virus, not allowing unauthorized person to access server, etc.,) can help avoid such failures.

What license required for Linux base thin client connects to Windows Server?2020-04-26T17:39:08+05:30

Linux Base Thin Client Server requires three main licenses – Operating System License and Remote Desktop Client License, Device CAL License.

Does smart station support Active Directory?2020-04-26T17:40:06+05:30

Yes Smart Station Thin Client supports Active Directory Integration and Active Directory user can directly login.

Is it possible to turn off the USB ports?2020-04-26T17:41:08+05:30

Yes. It is possible to turn On & Off USB port in Thin Client as per the admin requirement.
Yes, depending on the model it is possible to install Barcode Scanner to Thin Client.

Can i install a Barcode Scanner?2020-01-28T15:29:57+05:30

Yes you can Install Barcode Scanner in thin Client. It depends on models

Is it possible, to install Windows or Linux locally on the Thin Client machines?2020-04-26T17:42:08+05:30

Yes. It is possible to install Windows or Linux operating System in Thin Client machine and use it as a MINI Desktop.

Why Should I Switch to Smart Station Thin Clients2020-04-26T17:43:19+05:30

More than one reason to switch to Smart Station Thin Client. This enhances security and efficiency by allowing IT administrators to manage all desktop users from one central location. This reduces both operating costs and desktop user downtime while also lowering the information security risk of an organization. Lower power consumption adds to cost saving.