Smart Education

Better educational experience, for better generation

Product Features

Shock-resistant & Shatterproof

Shock-resistant and shatterproof design, allowed the equipment to survive even drop to 70cm height hard surface of ground.

Water Resistant

With IP54 standard, the equipment can protect from dust, humidity or even splashing water.

Plug-in Temperature Sensor Probe

The educational equipment supports plugs temperature sensor probe, turns the device into powerful scientific tool. It can be used in liquids, acids, salt solutions to support the experiments in chemistry, biology, science class.

Stylus Function

More convenient ways to interact with on-screen content for students. A great help for students to do note draft or calculate math systematic formulas.

Versatile Usage

Diverse usage solutions support flexible learning scenarios.

Stretch Handle Design

Stretch handle design make it easier to carry the device around or hook it on your locker.

Easy-to-use technology designed specifically for schools

Thin client solutions are plug-and-play set up, and an automated configuration wizard designed specifically for nontechnical professionals, teachers and students can start using the computers quickly and easily.


  • Save up to 80% on hardware costs
  • Choose Windows or Linux OS for any combination of workstations
  • Electricity cost savings will pay back for the thin clients in 2 years or less
  • Reduce school’s carbon footprint by lowering electricity and A/C usage
  • Computer labs – Provide clutter-free, expanded computing with less maintenance
  • Libraries – Shhh! Only 1 PC provides a quieter environment
  • Administration areas – Reduce support headaches
  • With Classroom Control Tools, see what each student is doing on

Teachers can centrally manage and monitor the computer stations with ease

Centralized Management

  • Send students messages
  • Remotely take control of a student’s station
  • Share files with and between students
  • Create or delete student accounts, and change passwords
  • Add a new application to all computer stations by installing it only once on the host computer
  • And much more!


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