SMARTSTATION an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001: 2015 certified company has been incorporated with a mission to developed Thin Client IT Solutions that seamlessly integrate with your business processes and goals. SMARTSTATION aims to be your Reliable IT Partner who delivers value through quality and cost-effective hardware services.

Thin Client

It is a Stateless, Fan less desktop terminal that has no hard drive, A client is designed small so that the bulk of the data processing occurs on the server, it is a network computer without the hard drive.

Mini PC

Mini PC is a computer form factor designed to minimize the volume and footprint of the desktop of the computer.

Zero Client

A Zero client is a type of thin client that has a very small factor with little to no processing, storage, and memory is used in a centralized computing infrastructure.

Education Tablet

A Tablet which specifically designed for use in the education system and can be used by teachers and students as well.