Our ‘SMART’ story. How it all began.

Smart Station Tech Trading LLC (SSTT) was set up in 2016 to provide customers high quality and environment friendly hardware as well as effective, comprehensive and intelligent software solutions. SSTT constantly upgrades intrinsic technology in line with the latest innovation on intelligent machines. This aptitude for progression has always helped us stay abreast of competition.

UAE, being the global hub for innovative technology, showered us with opportunities to grow. Today, Smart Station Tech Trading LLC has expanded its spectrum and is providing both hardware and software solutions to numerous business.

We are happy that SSTT is proving to be strategic and reliable IT Partner by delivering effective and high quality Hardware, Software and Service. We have proved our mettle a strong customer-focused team with the right amalgamation of personnel, technology, infrastructure and alliances.

I am Anand. That’s how people know me in this part of the world.

That’s me, Muruganandam (aka Anand)

It started 18 years ago when I landed in this beautiful country and introduced myself as Muruganandam. Yes, as you may have guessed, I was called everything, except the name that my parents gave. I am better known as Anand (a smaller name that serves its purpose (wink smiley) just like our Thin Client)

An MBA from India, I started my career as a Business Development Manager, with lots of big dreams and aspirations. Personally, I am a tech savvy and avant-garde in technology; I love to spend hours reading about, listening to or experimenting new gadgets.

Could there be a better place than UAE for anyone who enjoys technology and innovation? Love for gadgets gave me tremendous scope for learning. Peers and higher-ups with great business acumen gave me the courage and urge to experiment new avenues. In 2016 I had registered Smart Station Tech Trading LLC with the support of Mr. Mitesh Dave, Founder of Smart Station brand. This took my ambition to the next level.

Every business or individual deserves to save their valuable time with the help of today’s technology. Providing innovative cutting edge technology solutions with no compromise on service is my vision. This advantage should made available to everyone without exception, this is what my team and I are striving towards.

Mr. Mitesh Dave and Mr. Manish Dave are the co-founders of the SMARTSTATION brand.

Mr. Mitesh Dave, founder of the SMARTSTATION brand is a qualified Instrumentation Engineer who started his career in DCW Ltd. In the early 90’s his technical experience urged him to explore Information Technology. It was his dream then to make sleek, robust and highly efficient computing systems. This vision has made “SMARTSTATION“, preferred brand for Thin Client users today. He plays vital role in leading the R & D team towards producing Thin Clients with economical & state of art technology.

Mr. Manish Dave, co-founder of the SMARTSTATION brand is a qualified Electronics & Telecom Engineer who joined the success journey. With his competences in Electronics he could enrich the support extended to clients and vendors. He overlooks the development team. His effort in supporting the clients has helped the business expand leaps and bounds and has made SMARTSTATION one of the most sought after brands in tablets, Thin Client and Mini PC.

“Providing innovative cutting edge technology IT solutions with no compromise on service.”

“Everyone (whether business or individual) deserves the advantage of Innovative cutting edge technology to make life better. Our Mission is to make this advantage available to everyone without compromise on quality and service.”

“Reliability and business integrity are the values we live. Our growth is measured by the number of satisfactory customer relationships and not sales and profit figures.”

SMARTSTATION will always strive to develop innovative technologies and produce world class products. Innovation Previous Next
SMARTSTATION with motive to expand in new horizons, expansion in technology adoption, associated partners and alliance with Technology provider in new areas with strong presence.
Consistent delivery of the highest quality products is SMARTSTATION’s promise to customers.